【Ooh Cha Cha 自然食】Vegan裸食餐廳的始祖

【Ooh Cha Cha 自然食】Vegan裸食餐廳的始祖

Yes!! That’s right!! We were invited to Ooh Cha Cha this time!! Ooh Cha Cha holds a very very dear place in my heart since it’s the first vegan health style restaurant I visited in Taiwan, and I discovered it while desperately searching online for a salad and smoothie place.

今天要跟大家介紹位於師大旁邊(古亭站二號出口)的蔬食好店 Ooh Cha Cha, 這次的採訪我期待超久,因為Ooh Cha Cha是我來台灣讀書後接觸到的第一間健康全食物餐廳!當初是因為非常想念果昔和沙拉,才在網路上找到的 ?

? Ooh Cha Cha

Adress: No. 207, Nanchang Road, Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan

Phone: 02 2367 7133

Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-20:00


Website: http://www.oohchacha.com

Restaurant type: Vegan

? Ooh Cha Cha 自然食

地址 :台北市中正區南昌路二段207號

電話:02 2367 7133

營業時間:週一~週五 10:00-21:00, 週六~週日 10:00-20:00







For those of you who don’t know, ooh cha cha is the first place of its kind that opened back in 2013. This time we got to chat with one of the restaurant owners Mai told us a little about Ooh cha cha’s story and ideas behind the menu. The restaurant has a great combination of freshly prepared raw and cooked food, using high quality whole foods ingredients.

Ooh Cha Cha 於2013年開幕,是臺北第一家vegan全食物餐廳,也是台灣推廣全食物、裸食、全植物性食品等概念的先驅。Ooh Cha Cha多年來堅持用新鮮高級食材製作店內的每一道餐點。


I’ve always been a huge fan of the place, and the most exciting part about our visit this time is that Ooh Cha Cha has now a new exciting menu, full of awesome new dishes, while keeping many of the classic favorites. [Fun fact: Blue Goji is the combination of the two most popular smoothies, Berry Fulfilling and Go-Go Goji.] Let’s look at some of the dishes! ?

而且啊~你知道他們有新菜單了嗎!老闆們真的很用心改良跟研發新點子,成果非常豐富美味。  像是新果昔狼莓傳奇,就是以前兩個最夯的果昔的合體!


DSC00388Fully Charged Salad 活力寶貝沙拉

DSC00407Linda sipping on the Smoothie  Tropical Bliss 熱帶風情果昔

The smoothie is not too watery and very smooth. This one is a lovely shade of baby green, and has pineapple, banana, organic seasonal greens and coconut milk.


DSC00413Bacon Cheese Burger 真的培根起司漢堡  ?? ? ?

The coolest item on the menu….bacon cheese burger! No bacon, no cheese, no problem ? The crunchy bacon is made of eggplant, the patty made of mushroom and beans with a dairy-free nacho cheese slice on top, it is super delicious and full of texture.


DSC00393Raw Cakes 裸食蛋糕 ?

There are also many flavors of raw cakes, depending on the day!


DSC00389Gluten Free Muffins 無麩質瑪芬蛋糕

These muffins are seriously so tasty! Soft and moist with really rich flavors.  My new faves from Ooh Cha Cha, can’t believe it took me three years to try my first ones…

我還外帶了兩個瑪芬,結果發覺 超 好 吃。我竟然過了三年才試。。。都怪她外表跟裸食蛋糕比起來很不顯眼,所以每次直接忽略它?

DSC00429With Mai, one of the co-owners 跟共同創辦人 Mai (她人超好超可愛!雖然不會講中文但都會很熱情跟每位顧客打招呼)

“Before, when we were pretty much the only place like this in town, we would be spending a lot time explaining to people what raw food is, and the concept of whole foods. Now, everyone (restaurant) is doing their part. If people like the food at one place, they are more likely to go try other restaurants”

We’re so glad we got the visit Ooh cha cha and chat with Mai (she is super friendly!). This is definitely a must go for salads, macro bowls, smoothie cravings. Oh, I forget…burger cravings as well! The owner Mai says she sees a boom in the vegan/plant-based restaurant trend these past couple years in Taipei, and like her, we are really glad that this positive lifestyle is becoming more mainstream here. ✨

近年越來越多優質的蔬食餐廳了,Mai 說多虧大家的努力,現在已經不用象從前一樣每兩個客人就要解釋一次什麼是“裸食”跟“全食物”烹調。我們也很開心可以無罪惡感滿足自己吃沙拉果昔漢堡的欲望,也很慶幸這種正面的生活態度越來越主流。?








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