【GREENS Kitchen & Juicery 綠廚房】澳門第一的時尚蔬食

As guests of a youth entrepreneurship competition, we recently went to Macau on 4 day 3 nights business trip.  As crazy health foodies, we got into contact with one of the few healthiest places here, and visited the refreshing GREENS Kitchen & Juicery on a hot and humid Monday afternoon.⭐

大學生愛健康這次來到澳門囉! 趁著這次觀摩青年創業比賽的空閒時間,我們參訪了數一數二的蔬食餐廳綠廚房(真的,這種健康導向餐廳聽老闆說澳門只有兩間 ?)


? GREENS Kitchen & Juicery

Adress: Calcada de Santo Agostinho No. 1A, Macao, China

Phone: +853 6288 0870

Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00-20:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00


Website: http://greensmacau.com

Restaurant type: Take-out eatery with vegan options

? 綠廚房

地址 :澳門巴掌圍一號雅誠大廈

電話:+853 6288 0870

營業時間:週一~週五 11:00-20:00, 週六~週日 11:00-18:00





That morning, I decided to skip the oily fried noodle breakfast , as I am not fond of super oily things, and I’m pretty sure I forgot to mention to the organizers about my wheat sensitivity.  Not eating anything beforehand might have been a bad move as we spent what I call way too long to wandering in the scorching heat of Macau with our seemingly ineffective Google maps ^^’. Later on, the co-founders Katya and Sophie told us that there are only really two restaurants of its kind in Macau, so I guess it’s a good thing we persisted?!

早上因為活動主辦方準備的炒麵彷彿泡在油裡面,我決定省掉早餐(不良行為請勿模仿)想說直接到綠廚房大吃一頓。誰知道 Google Map 選擇在那時候整我們,我們就在澳門的巷子中繞來繞去,爬上大砲臺走了一大圈後,問了數個路人,才有一點頭緒找到綠廚房。(順便觀光??)

The GREENS Kitchen & Juicery is an eatery with an amazing variety of ⭐cold pressed juices, ⭐smoothies, as well as food items such as ⭐salads, ⭐wraps, ⭐soups, and ⭐fresh baked goods.

我們為什麼要參訪綠廚房呢?原因是,這間餐廳是以健康食物為出發點,有我們喜愛的冷榨果汁 、現打乃昔跟許多沙拉、捲餅、湯品烘培點心。更重要的是,很多都是全蔬食vegan 噢!?(Anne 編表示感動…)


Left to right ➡ Katya (co-founder), Anne?, Sherry (our guest), Linda?, Phoebe (co-founder) 左到右➡ Katya 老闆,Anne,Sherry 當日樂活女孩, Linda,Phoebe 老闆

⭐ Here’s the full list of the menu:

⭐ 完整餐點如下圖:

Starting off with the baked goods category?, they had cakes, cookies and energy balls prepared that day. Not all of them are vegan so be sure to check with them the ingredients!

現在才發覺店裡的氣氛跟外面濕熱的澳門實在天差地別? 一進去最吸引我的是他們的點心烘培區:當天有蛋糕、餅乾、能量球。如有吃全素或無麩質要先確認喔!



➡ Katya inside the kitchen ➡ Katya 與廚房合照


GREENS also have this giant fridge filled with cold pressed juices/teas, as well as wraps, yogurts, and salad bowls. ❤️ ? ? ?

另外很吸睛的是裝滿七果汁以極簡餐的巨大冰箱。❤️ ? ? ?


The Rainbow colored juices all look so amazing!  They are so lucky to be waking up to these every day… Drink the rainbow to get all your vitamins and nutrients! ?

這麼多不同口味的果汁好誘人 ?

Here’s the close-up of the salads. Healthy meals to grab and go!


GREENS also provide super foods on the side like acai powder, quinoa, quality chocolate, plant-based protein powders, granolas, etc. ?

綠廚房也有販賣許多的超級食品,像是巴西莓粉 、藜賣、高級可可、植物性蛋白粉、granola 燕麥片等等。?

As far as the food goes, the first item we got to try is the FALAFEL & KALE SALAD.  The falafels, made of purely whole foods ingredients, were well seasoned and went really well with the vegan mayo provided on the side.  The kale leaves were massaged in sauce to be soft and perfect to savor.  I would have this healthy and filling dish all the time if it was available here!  ??



Then, we had home made coconut yogurt, two of their signature fruit juices, and a freshly made smoothie.  The coconut yogurt was a little sour for my taste, but its rich flavors were satisfying nevertheless for a yogurt deprived vegan like me ?  Their juices are cold-pressed top notch quality.  My favorite is definitely PASSION, a blend of passion fruit and tropical citrus ?.  Feels like drinking a mocktail on the beach! ⛵️  Their smoothies are made on the spot, and you can add super foods such as chia seeds, hemp seeds, acai, supergreens, etc of your choice.

他們的椰子優酪乳也很特別呦!完全無奶製品,Anne 覺得有點過酸,不過味道相當濃郁。冷榨果汁超純,我們試喝的兩瓶當中我最愛新推出的百香果口味!真希望每天一大早都能喝一瓶冷榨果汁 ?


Here’s Sherry posing with the cold pressed juice and RASBERRY FIELDS smoothie ??  Sherry 跟冷榨果汁+覆盆子果昔 ?



Since I absolutely could not resist the temptation of sweets, I got one of each of these coconut lemon, cacao berry and peanut oat energy balls to go, as well as the peanut butter vegan gluten cookie they had available ?.  Super DELICIOUS and FILLED with all the super foods.

要離開之前我忍不住外帶了三顆能量球(檸檬椰子?、莓果可可?、花生燕麥Peanuts on Google Android N Preview)+花生醬餅乾 ?

Pretty much devoured the energy balls on our way back and secretly ate the cookie on our break at Starbucks shortly after ?.




Overall GREENS Kitchen and Juicery is a wonderful place with top quality nutritious grab and go meals and snacks, which will satisfy not only your taste buds but also your health buds ?.

Thank you ladies for having us, hope to see you again soon ?

綠廚房是個適合外帶健康簡餐、新鮮果汁的餐廳,很高興認識 Katya + Phoebe + 裡面可愛的員工,希望很快再碰面!



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