【GREENS Kitchen & Juicery 綠廚房】澳門第一的時尚蔬食

As guests of a youth entrepreneurship competition, we recently went to Macau on 4 day 3 nights business trip.  As crazy health foodies, we got into contact with one of the few healthiest places here, and visited the refreshing GREENS Kitchen & Juicery on a hot and humid Monday afternoon.⭐

大學生愛健康這次來到澳門囉! 趁著這次觀摩青年創業比賽的空閒時間,我們參訪了數一數二的蔬食餐廳綠廚房(真的,這種健康導向餐廳聽老闆說澳門只有兩間 ?)

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